wind turbines
As a part of IBM's smarter planet initiative, we are taking part in the "Electric Vehicles in a Distributed and Integrated Market using Sustainable Energy and Open Networks" (EDISON) consortium. Partially funded by the Danish Ministry for Climate and Energy, it is a joint project with partners DONG Energy, Denmark's largest energy company, the regional energy company of Oestkraft, the Technical University of Denmark, Siemens, Eurisco and the Danish Energy Association.

The purpose of the project is to supply electrical balancing power for wind-generated electricity through the use of electric vehicles (EV) and their accumulators. In order to manage, balance, and predict the impact of a large number of electric cars onto the electric grid, a new breed of metering, analyzing, and controlling infrastructure needs to be developed so that electric cars can communicate intelligently with the grid to determine dynamically the time intervals when charging or discharging can take place. This will be influenced by fluctuating power inputs to the grid from renewable energy sources such as wind, as well as by cumulative demand on the grid at any given moment.

IBM Denmark and IBM Research - Zurich will develop, among other contributions, technologies that synchronize the charging and, potentially, discharging of the electric vehicles with the availability of wind in the grid. Other areas of interest are simulations of such systems in order to predict electricity supply and demand related to electric vehicles as well as to study the impact of dynamic pricing models on EV usage and electrical grid utilization using real-time analytics techniques.