AURORA: Traffic analysis and visualization

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AURORA is an IBM Research project and the name of a traffic analysis and visualization system. The research project is targeted at flow-based network traffic analysis and visualization for very large networks. We run several AURORA sub-projects on anomaly and virus detection/mitigation, network forensics, distributed flow processing, BGP/OSPF/RIP monitoring, traffic network maps and indexing of very large flow repositories. The base AURORA system is now commercially available as Tivoli Netcool Performance Flow Analyzer (TNPFA). The research system includes special pre-product components and features.

The project investigates new techniques for collecting, storing and analyzing flow-based network traffic information. The techniques help to optimize and protect business-critical networked infrastructures through tight control of resource usage. With server relationship and dependency discovery components, we support sequencing of server relocations and the understanding of what has been deployed to support a business-level process or value chain. We are furthermore able to identify server consolidation opportunities based on load and utilization tracking.

The AURORA / TNPFA system operates passively by generating detailed network traffic reports from NetFlow / IPFIX. Traffic reports show detailed host and application communication patterns including protocol and server usage trends. AURORA supports network planning as well as operation, for instance through identification of network congestion causes. The system can also be used to estimate traffic impact with consolidation and application roll-outs.


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