Master’s student


Ref. 2020_052

Project description

The advances in digitalization of tissue slides and the FDA approval of digital pathology as a primary diagnostic tool in 2017 have created a lot of attention in the digital pathology field. Tissue can be stained in multiple ways, creating a variety of pathology sub-modalities depending on the stainings used: H&E or specific antibodies for HER2, Ki67...

The overwhelming majority of AI-based efforts in digital pathology focus on one single modality (H&E), with CNNs being the favorite tool. This type of approach has important limitations due to the enormous size of digital pathology images, but also because the pixel-based reasoning is not relatable for domain experts.

The proposed project involves developing a deep learning framework multimodal digital pathology possibly extending the concept of HACT-Net and addressing the following challenges:

  • Multimodal representation: what is the most efficient way of representing a series of images of multiple stains?
  • Multimodal alignment: how is the local information from each of these images preserved and aligned throughout the decision process?
  • Multimodal fusion: how is the information from various images fused to make the best possible decision?


  • ETH Master students with a background in Computer Science, Computer Vision, Medical Image or related fields.
  • Solid background in machine learning/deep learning and computer vision/medical imaging.
  • Strong programming skills in python.
  • Practical experience with at least one deep learning framework (Tensorflow, Pytorch) are essential.
  • Prior knowledge of digital pathology is welcome, but not a prerequisite.


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How to apply

If you are interested in this position, please submit your application including a recent curriculum vitae.