Internship position

Cloud Microservices with Disaggregated FPGAs

Ref. 2021_019

We are inviting applications from students/researchers to conduct a 4 – 6 month internship in Cloud Microservices with Disaggregated FPGAs, starting in the spring or summer of 2021. The internship aims at investigating the integration of a microservice-based cloud architecture with the cloudFPGA research platform of IBM Research-Zurich. Specifically, the candidate will extend a microservice architecture, focused on latency-critical financial workloads, in order to study the scalability potential over the disaggregated cloudFPGA platform that features the world-record density of 64 network-attached FPGAs per 2U-node. To build a usable, secure, intuitive, robust and scalable prototype, the project will comprise the adoption of an API gateway (e.g. KONG API, IBM API Connect etc.) and a load balancer (e.g. HAProxy, NGINX Reverse Proxy). In addition to financial applications, other domain-specific workloads may be studied, depending on the candidate's interest (e.g. Computer Vision, Database Analytics, Data Compression/Security Graph Analytics etc.).


The research focus will be on exploring techniques for providing efficient network-attached FPGA accelerators for domain-specific microservices running in a Cloud environment. It also involves interactions with several researchers focusing on various aspects of the project. The ideal candidate should be well versed in distributed systems, and have basic FPGA skills (VHDL/Verilog, C++ High-Level-Synthesis, Xilinx Vitis/VivadoHLS/Vivado) and programming skills (C++, Python). It is not mandatory, but desirable to be familiar with CI/CD pipelines (Jenkins/TravisCI), distributed source control system (Git), code documentation (Doxygen) and container technology (Docker/Podman). Good oral and written English with good presentation skills would also be an asset.


IBM is committed to diversity at the workplace. With us you will find an open, multicultural environment. Excellent flexible working arrangements enable all genders to strike the desired balance between their professional development and their personal lives.

How to apply

If you are interested in this challenging position, please submit your most recent curriculum vitae.

For more information on technical questions please contact Dr. Dionysios Diamantopoulos ().