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Secure execution on a blockchain: Hyperledger Fabric Private Chaincode

Ref. 2021_052

Hyperledger Fabric is a permissioned blockchain platform that offers common program execution on an infrastructure shared by multiple parties, of which no-one is trusted. Hyperledger Fabric Private Chaincode (FPC) enables the secure execution of chaincode using Intel SGX for Hyperledger Fabric. Intel SGX is the most prominent trusted execution environment (TEE) available today, it offers secure execution contexts called enclaves on a CPU, which isolate data and programs from the host operating system in hardware. The FPC project takes up technology from a research project at IBM Research Europe - Zurich.

Multiple projects are available in this context, primarily focusing on designing secure architectures and realizing additional security solutions on FPC. The work is experimental and uses cutting-edge technologies such as Intel SGX. Ideal candidates are already familiar with the concepts of trusted execution technology and C/C++/Golang programming language. Nature of the project: Theory 25%, Systems 75%.

This work is in collaboration with the Hyperledger open-source community.



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