Research partnerships

Cognitive research

IBM Research – Zurich is a cognitive center for both clients and IBM lines of business to tap the power of advancing technologies.


Sales & marketing

Sales & marketing

A client-centric platform called Crystal+ is designed to enable “speed to insights” for a complete understanding of finding value for clients.


Technical Support Services

IBM Technology Support Services

TIP (TSS Insight Portal) is designed for users to gain insight into a client’s multi-vendor IT services to continually improve support.


Cognitive procurement

Cognitive procurement

The SupplierIQ cognitive platform enables a more complete understanding of suppliers and buyers.


Cognitive research

IBM has made tremendous strides in cognitive computing and artificial intelligence to help us manage the huge increase in both structured and unstructured data, whether from internal or external sources. It presents a huge opportunity to use Watson and cognitive computing to access data, to identify patterns and to develop business and industry insights that benefit clients and IBMers.


Cognitive discovery

In IBM Research – Zurich, we have a team focused on cognitive discovery. It gives pioneering engineers, inventors and scientists an expert assistant for research and development.

Alessandro Curioni, IBM Fellow, Vice President Europe, Director IBM Research ‑ Zurich


AI and cognitive computing

We are at the start of a new technological era fueled by artificial intelligence. At IBM Research, we’re using AI to augment human intelligence and decision-making, building cognitive systems that reason, draw insights and learn from data in ways no other organization can match.

Dario Gil, TED talk

TED talk

A scenario of two scientists working collaboratively with a cognitive system exploring how the system could be used by analysts to find potential acquisition targets. “People working collaboratively with cognitive learning systems is the future of expertise.”

Dario Gil, Cognitive systems and the future of expertise

Maryam Ashoori

Inspired by cognitive environments

This room can hear, talk and see its occupants. And occupants can communicate with the room to conduct research and make strategic decisions.

Maryam Ashoori, IBM Research, Cognitive enterprise and interaction research

Sales & marketing

What is Crystal+?

What is Crystal+?

Crystal+ is an IBM-internal, client-centric decision support platform based on cognitive and Big Data analytic technologies.

The platform focus is identifying client patterns and insights. It dramatically reduces research time, resulting in an understanding of both the client’s business issues and industry competitiveness. This enables prospect identification, recommendations and development of value propositions.

Abdel Labbi

Crystal+ evolution

The evolution path for Crystal+ is to scale the data backend by moving to the IBM platform and to expand cognitive and analytic capabilities to provide an amazing experience.

Abdel Labbi, Distinguished Engineer, Manager, Cognitive Systems, IBM Research ‑ Zurich

Exec report

From data deluge to intelligent insights

Adopting cognitive computing to unlock value for marketing and sales.

Cognitive computing is the game-changing technology that could be the answer to marketers’ and sellers’ prayers. It could also be one of the most disruptive forces their functions face. Armed with insights about customers at every touchpoint, professionals using cognitive computing are able to create and deliver the personalized, intuitive experiences customers expect.

Pankaj Srivastava

Chief Analytics Office mission

Our mission is to develop analytic and cognitive solutions to help improve IBM’s business performance. We have developed new solutions in partnership with IBM Research Labs, including CoRE (Cognitive Recommendation Engine).

Pankaj Srivastava, VP CAO

IBM Technology Support Services

The TSS Insight Portal (TIP) is designed to provide IBM Technology Support Services (TSS) sellers with insight into a client’s environment using non-standard data with a creative, cognitive approach.

Growth opportunities in the area of multi-vendor services are identified through the combination of TSS Install Base and Offerings data with externally sourced OEM Install Base data and presented in different modules designed to support specific seller requirements. These modules feature a clear and intuitive UX, allowing users to be on-boarded with very little or no training.

IBM Research has developed novel machine-learning techniques to clean, correlate, and process data. TIP is implemented using state-of-the-art microservices architecture based on Kubernetes. This allows scalability and availability while improving the maintainability and the evolution of the code base.

Learn more about IBM Technology Support Services.

IBM Technical Support Services

IBM Technology Support Services

New technologies like Cloud, mobile, analytics and social can help your business become more flexible, save money, and get to market faster. Welcome to the new intersection of technology and business strategy. Innovative technologies are enabling IT environments that are highly integrated and optimized, making it easier than ever to provide seamless customer experiences that build brand loyalty and maximize profits.

Watson Agent Assist

Watson in IBM Technology Support Services

Integrating Watson into technical support to improve customer support, reduce IT resolution time, and achieve first-time resolution for excellent customer results.

IBM Technical Support Services whitepaper

Key technical support considerations for the cognitive era

“With cognitive computing and the power of IBM Watson™, we will be able to use tremendous amounts of data to diagnose and fix our clients’ problems even faster — surpassing their high expectations.”

— Rick Ruiz
General Manager
IBM Technology Support Services

IBM Technical Support Services whitepaper

IBM Services Platform with Watson

IBM delivers the first cognitive services platform to transform business.

“The IBM Services Platform with Watson will redefine service delivery and quality and provide significant competitive advantages to our clients.”

— Martin Jetter
IBM Senior Vice President
Global Technology Services

Cognitive procurement

IBM Procurement has partnered with IBM Research to focus on the Buy-Side and develop an application called Supplier IQ. The application incorporates critical IBM-internal and external data and applies cognitive analytics delivering real-time enhanced insights of hidden trends to improve both productivity and decision making.

At its core, the application delivers:

  • Comprehensive company profile assessment yielding who a company is within the industry and who they are to IBM.
  • Competitive KPI financial benchmarking assessment delivering an analysis of a targeted company against its peers to illustrate clearly how they fare against competitors.
  • Real-time analysis and classification of unstructured news into strategic themes for easy consumption to help users deduce exposures and risks.

What used to take sourcing professionals hours if not days to consolidate this level of analysis manually is now available at their fingertips in a matter of seconds and is created dynamically so the analysis can be refreshed at any point in time—a day, week, or month later.

Procurement needs analytics

Supplier IQ

The growing availability of company data offers an opportunity to better understand the companies you do business with. Whether evaluating suppliers, competitors, buyers or clients: You need Supplier IQ.

Procurement needs analytics

Procurement analytics

Procurement and Strategic Sourcing Services: End-to-end source to pay procurement services digitally reinvented with technology, analytics, cognitive insights and design thinking.