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BlueZ Business Computing

Blue ZThe BlueZ Business Computing team focuses on embedded and security software for use in customer solutions, primarily in the banking and government sectors.


Current projects

  • Mote Runner infrastructure platform for wireless sensor networks
    The Mote Runner on-mote run-time platform is based on a virtual machine tailored from scratch for resource-constraint hardware environments. For this, it introduces a new byte-code language that, besides being compact and efficient, provides native support for reactive programming by means of delegates. Together with the run-time library built on top, Mote Runner provides a purely event-driven and thread-free programming model.
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  • Secure Enterprise Desktop
    The IBM Secure Enterprise Desktop solution enables the corporate use of privately owned computers in a secure and convenient manner, making "bring your own" device deployments practically feasible. In order to deploy the IBM Secure Enterprise Desktop properly, the system needs to be supported by a distributed, resilient backend comprising for example authentication and image servers.
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  • Internet transaction security ZTIC. A banking server's display on your key chain
    More and more attacks to online banking applications target the user's home PC, changing what is displayed to the user, while logging and altering key strokes. In order to foil these threats, IBM has introduced the Zone Trusted Information Channel (ZTIC), a hardware device that can counter these attacks in an easy-to-use way. The ZTIC is a USB-attached device containing a display and minimal I/O capabilities that runs the full TLS/SSL protocol, thus entirely bypassing the PC's software for all security functionality.
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  • SmartGrid
    We also work on one specific systems management application area, intelligent power grids. Traditional electric power grids use historical information as the basis for planning and adapt in real time to current consumption. Smarter grids make use of additional information on power supply and consumption to achieve better planning and management to avoid costly peaks and make efficient use of resources. We focus in particular on the efficient integration of variable supply sources (e.g., solar and wind energy) and planned power consumption (e.g., charging electric vehicles and heating water).
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  • IBM Long Range Signaling and Control (LRSC)
    The IBM Long Range Signaling and Control system provides all software components to deploy and manage a network of wireless devices using the LoRa™ radio protocol. It comprises all functional and security logic split into a Network Server, Application router, gateway server and the corresponding device-side protocol software (LoRaTM MAC). At present, several proof-of-concept installations are being used as testbeds for commercial rollouts commencing in 2015.
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