Diagram understanding


Enterprise Data Map

Cognitive discovery

Cognitive discovery

The next frontier in R & D

Diagram understanding

Cognitive IT services

Developing a better way to run IT

Cognitive decision support systems

Cognitive applications

Using business support systems to manage huge amounts of structured and unstructured data

Medical decisions

Medical decision support

Providing support to all stakeholders in the healthcare system to accelerate processes and shorten time to treatment


Computational pathology

Developing image analytics that can quantify pathogenesis in a high-throughput, bias-free and robust way

Diagram understanding

Diagram understanding

Developing image analytics that builds semantic understanding from technical diagrams

Patient monitoring

Video-based patient monitoring & behavioral analysis

Improving patient care and personnel effectiveness


Computational sciences

Supercomputing at work


Computational systems biology

Developing predictive models for precision medicine

Predictive maintenance

Predictive maintenance

Enabling just-in-time scheduling of corrective maintenance


Abdel Labbi

Abdel Labbi

Department head