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Touching IBM Research

Interactive TableAt the IBM Client Center (ISL) Zurich you can discover IBM Research in various ways, including briefings, workshops, and guided tours. The ISL also offers special exhibits for self-directed exploration, such as the multi-touch Interactive Table.

This innovative multimedia device appeals to one of our fundamental instincts – that of discovery. The user decides how to navigate through the IBM Research universe, thus becoming engrossed in exploring a fascinating world. The Interactive Table reaches out to the user and creates a so-called flow experience, in which information processing and creation of lasting memories are enhanced.

Interactive TableWith the Interactive Table, you can explore on six planets how IBM Research contributes to IBM's goal of making the world work better – be it by setting up a system for sustainable e-mobility, by developing a lab on a chip to revolutionize diagnostic testing, or by creating a supercomputer that can answer complex questions to advance data analytics significantly.

The Interactive Table is a 1.5 meter long counter top with a 47-inch touch screen embedded at the center. Using a celestial theme for the graphical user interface and the latest touch-screen technology, the Interactive Table acts and feels like an easy-to-use, giant iPhone, on which you can stretch, spin, and slide away lots of rich content, including videos, animations, interviews or stunning Research images.

The technology behind the table

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Not only is the Interactive Table smartly designed on the outside, but the technology inside was also carefully planned. It uses off-the-shelf software such as Adobe Flash, which allows the content to be updated easily. It also enables the gathering of statistical information, for example it tracks how frequently the various subjects are selected.

In addition, the table includes a tool that allows visitors to subscribe to a newsletter containing in-depth materials on various topics and further contact with IBM.

For more information, please contact Karin Vey at the IBM Client Center (ISL) Zurich.