Information analytics

Managing the information deluge

risk analysisWith the exponential growth of data availability in nearly every aspect of business and society, the need for information analysis and synthesis is more timely now than ever before. In fact, as illustrated in the figure at right, we will not be able to store more than a fraction of the generated information in the coming years, even if we use all available storage resources.

Therefore, every government or business organization will need to implement data management strategies that use smart technology for information analysis and synthesis in order to distill actionable insights for various aspects of decision support, performance management, process monitoring, etc.

The Information Analytics group has been developing statistical and machine learning algorithms (e.g. boosting, causal modeling, dynamic programming) for several years with a strong focus on applications in strategic business areas for IBM and its clients. Currently, most of the group’s research and development is focused on building intelligent decision support systems for sales & marketing optimization.