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Mote Runner

Frequently asked questions

For which hardware platforms is Mote Runner available?
IBM Mote Runner is available for the following platforms: Libelium Waspmotes (Libelium IBM IoT Starter Kit), MEMSIC Iris, and the RZUSBStick and AVRRaven from Atmel.

Which operating system do I need to use the Mote Runner tools?
We are targeting Windows XP, MacOS X, and Linux. The first release of the Mote Runner tools is for Windows XP only.

Which programming languages does Mote Runner support?
Applications for Mote Runner can be developed in Java and C#, whereby modules written in one language can be used by the other language. Technically it should be possible to use many strongly-typed programming languages with Mote Runner by converting its compiler output to the Mote Runner intermediate language.

Which browsers do you recommend for use with Mote Runner?
The Mote Runner documentation and web-based tools are developed for Firefox 3.6 or better.

Do I need specific hardware to make use of the Mote Runner SDK?
No. The Mote Runner SDK ships with a simulation of mote hardware. Each simulated mote runs the same Mote Runner virtual machine as a hardware mote with the Mote Runner firmware. That is, applications can be downloaded, debugged, and tested on the simulation before they are deployed on hardware motes.

What is the current status of the Mote Runner SDK?
Mote Runner and the Mote Runner SDK is still work in progress. Do not expect all available APIs to be final or functionality complete. We are working on providing additional features and a more open and powerful platform in the future.

What software do I have to install to make use of the Mote Runner SDK?
The Mote Runner SDK requires Firefox 3.6 and Java 1.6 or newer to be installed.

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