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More efficient network traffic engineering

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Zurich, Switzerland, May 2001—Dramatically increasing data traffic on the Internet calls for the best possible use of network resources in an ever more complex environment. These requirements are met by drawing on more and more intelligence provided by network processors.

In collaboration with IBM Microelectronics at Research Triangle Park, NC, a research team at IBM Research - Zurich has now developed unique network processor software to manage bandwidth allocation dynamically and automatically. The new tool supports guaranteed bandwidth (quality of service) and simultaneously allows unmatched optimum use of available bandwidth at any time.

This breakthrough bandwidth allocation technology runs on next-generation network processors (PowerNP) announced by IBM Microelectronics at the end of April 2001. Zurich's software is combined with the PowerNP hardware to create the PowerNP Traffic Engineering Reference Platform (TERP).

Zurich's TERP was demonstrated at Networld + Interop, one of the world's largest networking exhibitions held in Las Vegas in early May. This advanced prototype subsystem allows equipment makers to configure a "real world" media-speed router environment to conduct thorough development, integration, and testing to speed the building of their products. The demonstration setup includes network performance analysis equipment provided by Ixia, which displays the industry-leading performance of the IBM PowerNP, able to process IP packets at 2.5 Gb/s (OC48 speed standard).

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