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First IBM Workshop on protein science in Europe

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Zurich, Switzerland, February 2002—On March 15 and 16, 2002, the IBM Blue Gene protein science project of IBM Research and the UK National e-Science Center will host the Protein Science Workshop "Blue Gene 2002" to be held at the National e-Science Institute in Edinburgh. The first Blue Gene workshop on Protein folding was held in 2001 at San Diego, California, USA.

The purpose of this first workshop in Europe is to bring together distinguished scientists whose research is in selected areas of protein science, with emphasis on computational approaches, to establish the status of the research, discuss open issues, reinforce interactions and create new collaborations. The workshop will consist of invited talks divided in three sessions (protein folding, enzymatic reactions and drug design, and systems biology) as well as of contributed posters.

Organizers of the workshop are Wanda Andreoni of IBM Research - Zurich and Lindsay Sawyer of the National e-Science Institute.

The workshop program committee consists of Wanda Andreoni, Robert S. Germain, Joseph M. Jasinski, and Gustavo A. Stolovitzky of IBM Research as well as Andrew Coulson, Dietlind Gerloff, Anthony D. Kennedy, Anne Kenway, and Lindsay Sawyer of the University of Edinburgh.

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