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IBM Best Student Competition awards 2003

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Zurich, Switzerland, 24 June 2003—IBM conducted a Best Student competition award for the first time in Switzerland this year. Eligible to compete were students of Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, and Business Computer Science.

The competition was based on an essay about the influence of information technology on society in the new century. Selected students were invited to express their views about the developments that will have profound effects on people's lives and work. "We need specialists to explore these issues in a critical manner and who in their professional future will strive to contribute to technical solutions that will justly serve the needs of society," said Phil Janson, University Relations officer at IBM Research - Zurich at the award ceremony in mid-July. Representatives of IBM Switzerland, sponsor of the competition, were also present at the award ceremony.

Robert Konsbruck's essay
Oliver Massutti's essay
Michael Gutmann's essay

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