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Europe's best student talents envision the future of IT at Big Blue's Zurich Research Lab

IBM's annual Best Student Recognition Event a success with participants

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Zurich, Switzerland, 18 June 2008—From July 2 to 4, IBM’s Zurich Research Lab hosted this year’s Best Student Recognition Event for 74 top students from 23 European countries. Organized annually by IBM in Europe since 2003, this event gives students an opportunity to get a glimpse of IBM’s areas of business, its strategy and broad spectrum of research, as well as a chance to meet and network with peers.

“Gain insights, exchange ideas, share the excitement and get involved!” was the motto of this year’s Best Student Recognition Event (BSRE), which brought some of Europe’s brightest young minds to IBM’s Zurich Research Laboratory. Most of the participants are Master’s-level students in the fields of computer science, various engineering disciplines, or business administration. The aim of the three-day event was to enhance students’ interest in information technology and its implications, and to nurture creative thinking for opportunities in business and society. “The scope and pace of innovation in IT remain unparalleled,” states Dr. Liba Svobodova, Program Manager for University Relations at ZRL and host of the BSRE at the Zurich Lab. “At IBM Research, we are truly at the forefront of IT and its broad applications. By giving students a glimpse of who we are and what we do, we want to share the excitement we feel about our company and industry,  and we especially want to encourage young talents to address new opportunities and challenges.”

During the various sessions, participants were given an overview of the focal research topics pursued at the IBM Zurich Research Lab, including nanotechnology for future chip technologies, advanced computer system design, business optimization, security and privacy, as well as “green” technologies. At a lively barbeque held afterwards on the Zurich Lab’s leafy campus, participants had a chance to talk to current student interns and graduate students about the various possibilities available throughout IBM Research. The program included an afternoon at IBM’s headquarters for Northeast Europe in Zurich, providing participants with an overview of IBM’s strategy and areas of business.

The event left a positive impression on participants, who responded with enthusiastic feedback. One Russian student called the event “bright and significant” and remarked, “I have never had an experience like this. It was really beneficial to me.” A student from the UK, speaking for many participants, found it “very informative and well organized”. “This was a great opportunity to get to know people, fellow students as well as IBMers,” a Dutch student told us.

All in all, it was a unique day and an unforgettable experience for the participants. Summing it up, a student from France said it best: “This event is an excellent idea. Everything was great!  I feel really enriched.”

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