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Welcoming the “Great Minds” winners 2008

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Zurich, Switzerland, 2 February 2009—Four students from Hungary, Poland, Russia, and Ukraine won the second "Great Minds" internship program of the Zurich Research Laboratory and will join the Lab this year. The initiative was launched in 2007 to offer students from throughout central and eastern Europe the chance to win an internship at IBM’s renowned European research laboratory.

"The 'Great Minds' initiative launched in 2007 has been a great experience—mutually beneficial for the students and for our researchers," reports Patricia Leoff, Human Resources Manager at the Zurich Research Laboratory. "The winning students embraced the opportunity to contribute to solutions to real IT and business issues. We were thrilled about their enthusiasm and they were thrilled to work in a truly international and multicultural research community."

Owing to its success, the "Great Minds" initiative was continued in 2008 for internships starting this year. And the winners are

These four students will spend three to six months at the Zurich Research Lab working alongside world-class scientists on projects ranging from server technologies to accelerator technologies, business process modeling to supercomputing and business optimization.

Read what some of last year's winners had to say about their internship at the Zurich Lab.

More information on the "Great Minds" initiative.

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