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IBM expands analytics and risk management capability in Ireland

Collaboratory to include business risk analysis research

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Zurich, Switzerland, 16 Oct 2009—Today, IBM (NYSE: IBM) and the Industrial Development Agency of Ireland (IDA Ireland) announced a new Risk Management Analytics research collaboration, joining IBM’s worldwide network of advanced analytic centres in the U.S., Germany and UK.

As part of the initiative, IBM is utilizing the vast expertise of its Research labs – harnessing next generation analytics and intelligent software – to develop enhanced methods and tools that will help companies in industries such as manufacturing, pharmaceutical, healthcare, and government to better manage risk.

Through its established collaboratory in Ireland, IBM will join together with the University College Cork, IRCSET, Science Foundation Ireland, and IBM Research scientists in Zurich, Switzerland and Yorktown Heights, NY, USA on the development of these advanced risk analytics technologies. 

“This collaboration provides IBM the opportunity to explore exciting new areas of risk modelling and management, incorporating new techniques in information extraction, visualisation, and optimisation that will enable businesses to more effectively manage their operations in the face of uncertainty," said Brenda Dietrich vice president of Business Analytics and Math Sciences at IBM Research and an IBM Research Fellow. "Ireland's track record, combined with its ongoing research and development approach to new business creation, makes it an ideal location for the Risk Management Analytics research." 

IBM Research - Zurich, IBM Ireland and Cork Constrained Computation Center (4C) of the University College Cork will collaboratively evaluate the use of stochastic constraint programming to implement effective risk-based decision support. IBM and 4C will compare and mix their respective approaches to obtain and evaluate alternative risk methodologies based on ideas from constraint programming and mathematical programming.

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