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IBM and Wrocław Research Center Sign Joint Research Collaboration

Collaboration on Nanotechnology, Life Science and Intelligent Systems

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Warsaw, POLAND, 27 May 2009: The Wroclaw Research Center, European Institute of Technology Plus (WRC EIT+) and IBM have agreed today to collaborate on the advancement of scientific research, graduate education and technological development in fundamental and applied sciences. The host of the signing ceremony was the Polish Ministry of Science and Education.

WRC EIT+ and IBM are discussing several collaborative projects in the area of nanotechnology, life sciences and intelligent systems intended to deliver long-term and sustainable benefits. Scientists from the IBM Zurich Research Lab will support the WRC EIT+ in providing training, education and consulting for their research staff, including project management, research infrastructure management and R&D management. “Supporting collaboration between business and science has always been a top priority for the Polish government, as it is a key element for creating innovation. This synergy and cooperation will deliver real benefits for science and economic development in Poland,” says Prof. Barbara Kudrycka, Minister of Science and Education.

“There are several areas for research and development in Poland where we see a strong opportunity for collaboration with IBM, for instance water management, energy consumption and transportation systems where we hope to tap into IBM’s global best practice,” said Professor Mirosław Miller, Chairman of Wrocław Research Center EIT+.

“IBM is working with governments and companies around the world to develop smarter systems and technologies that support economic development and bring long-term, societal value,” said Dr. Paul Seidler, manager, nanotechnology, IBM Zurich Research Lab. “Poland has a strong heritage in science and technology, and through this agreement we will work alongside some of Poland’s leading scientists and technology experts on breakthroughs that are important to Poland’s national agenda.”

IBM and WRC EIT+ aim to attract additional partners, both from academia and private business, to join them in their efforts and are currently in discussions with several candidates.

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