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Zurich, Switzerland, 24 March 1999—David F. McQueeney has been appointed director of IBM Research - Zurich in Rüschlikon, Switzerland. He succeeds Karl Kümmerle, who retires after more than 25 years of service in IBM Research.

David McQueeney was born in Boston, Ma., in 1958, received his Ph.D. in solid-state physics from Cornell University in 1988, and he joined IBM Research the same year. During his tenure in IBM Research, he held a number of technical and management positions, including vice president of technical strategy and worldwide operations in 1996/97. After serving as general manager of Global Solutions, Government Industry, Dr. McQueeney returned to IBM Research at the beginning of 1999 as vice president of communication technology, in addition to which he now also succeeds Karl Kümmerle as director of IBM Research - Zurich. "Dave McQueeney's experience in a wide range of hardware and software technology, combined with extensive experience with IBM customers, will ensure that the Zurich lab maintains and expands its vital role at IBM Research," said Paul Horn, senior vice president, IBM Research.

Commenting on the management change at the Zurich laboratory, Paul Horn also acknowledged the outstanding contributions to IBM made by Karl Kümmerle, who began his career in IBM Research in 1972. After pursuing scientific work in the field of communications systems, he held a number of management positions in his area of expertise. In 1989, he was appointed director of IBM Research - Zurich. Dr. Kümmerle is also well known for his contributions to the development of the Token Ring technology, considered one of IBM Research's top accomplishments.

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