Secure ID solutions

Determining a person's identity securely, conveniently, and in a privacy-guaranteeing manner

Secure ID

Blue ZIn recent years, there has been a trend among governments and commercial organizations toward using secure personal identification systems as a way of verifying the identity of individuals. Heightened concerns over terrorist threats and immigration control have prompted a number of countries, including members of the European Union, to pilot biometric passports. In addition, a number of governments have plans to implement a national ID card or a "smart" driver's license (see for example the US' RealID act).

Secure ID systems can help businesses and agencies restrict access to physical locations and secure networks, as well as provide an identity verification process for receiving government services or conducting online transactions.

Our team integrates various aspects of expertise to provide such systems in a wide range of public and private sector applications. Most notably, these include public key infrastructure (PKI), biometry, workflow, smart chip technology, and in-depth process knowledge gained from cooperation with customers and colleagues from IBM Global Business Services.

Process expertise

Taking the production of secure ID cards as an example, the following issues have to be considered in a manner that is very efficient, secure, adds no complexity or costs to existing means of ID production, and is in compliance with international standards:

  • Understanding the security features (from high-tech polycarbonates and engraving to smart cards) to find the appropriate solution for a given situation.
  • Production and personalization of the cards in a secure and efficient manner (enrollment kiosks, secure processes to prevent the production of unauthorized cards, processes to control card production and printing of associated documents).
  • Fast and efficient verification of cards, for example at border crossings, by police etc.
  • Understanding of partners and their production and technical capabilities for each of the required components.

Future of Secure ID

In addition to government agency applications, Secure ID can also be used to store patient medical records for use by insurance companies and healthcare providers, and could provide an additional layer of security in screening airline passengers. Other possible applications include use by businesses and universities to verify employee and student identity, and to track purchases and meal consumption. IBM Secure ID is an invaluable source of information for any enterprise seeking a portable solution to identity and authentication verification. It helps clients address national and business security issues while safeguarding personal privacy.