Quantum-safe Migration image

Quantum Threat and Quantum-safe Migration

Helping businesses to migrate to quantum safe cryptography

Tokenized Financial Asset Exchange image

Tokenized Financial Asset Exchange

Building the platform for secure central bank digital currencies (CBDC)

Adversarial Robustness Toolbox image

Adversarial Robustness Toolbox

Securing AI models with the Adversarial Robustness Toolbox

Zero-knowledge Proofs image

Zero-knowledge Proofs

Advancing a core building block for privacy-centered cryptography

Functional Encryption image

Functional Encryption

Building functional encryption from the ground up

Number Theoretic Cryptography image

Number Theoretic Cryptography

Develpoing elliptic curves, isogenies and more

Quantum-safe Cryptography Algorithms image

Quantum-safe Cryptography Algorithms

Designing, implementing, and standardizing new quantum-safe cryptographic algorithms

Privacy-preserving Biometric Authentication image

Privacy-preserving Biometric Authentication

Cryptographic protocols for human authentication and the IoT

Fabric Private Chaincode image

Fabric Private Chaincode

Enabling the execution of chaincodes using Confidential Computing

Lattice-based Cryptography image

Lattice-based Cryptography

Using geometry of numbers to construct security primitives

Self-Sovereign Identity image

Self-Sovereign Identity

Self-sovereign identity as an important enabler of civilian and enterprise identity use-cases

System Security  image

System Security

Using different methods to prevent systems from bein exploited

Automation and Reasoning in Threat Management image

Automation and Reasoning in Threat Management

Helping security teams to manage cyber threats

Quantum-safe Systems image

Quantum-safe Systems

Designing a portfolio of high-security quantum-safe cryptographic services

Highly Resilient Transaction Processing image

Highly Resilient Transaction Processing

A highly resilient and high-throughput transaction processing platform

SysFlow image


Enabling the creation of security analytics on a scalable, pluggable open-source platform

Crypto Anchors image

Crypto Anchors

Assuring the authenticity of products and assets

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