In today’s rapidly changing world, security is of great concern. Companies change, undergo mergers and make acquisitions, and their information infrastructure becomes virtual. People are becoming increasingly mobile, employees work remotely from anywhere in the world, and devices are increasingly interconnected.

Security technology must respond to these changes. It is no longer sufficient to guard against a single entrance to a trusted domain. Rather, many and diverse connections from the untrusted outside world to the trusted domain must be protected.


Quantum-safe cryptography

Developing practical cryptographic solutions that are resistant to the security threats posed by quantum computers.


Identity & data governance

User-controlled identity management systems for protecting personally identifiable information. Data tokenization and management technologies for governing data in a secure and regulatory-compliant fashion.


Cognitive security

A much greater scale of relevant security data is now accessible with cognitive systems that can process and interpret the 80% of today’s data that is unstructured, such as written and spoken language.