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Welcome to the IBM Research Security Subscription service that provides fact-based strategic insights for security professionals and executives on the topic of migrating to the new generation of quantum safe cryptography. The service includes quarterly reports and a seat at quantum security seminars, where possible collocated with IBM Q Network events. The insights are based on findings from analysis of our own primary research activities in the area of quantum safe cryptography and our own efforts at migrating systems and solutions to become quantum safe. Reports are planned quarterly and cover topics that include:

  • The quantum algorithms that threaten today's cryptography
  • The quantum impact on the security of IT systems
  • Baselining the quantum risk within organizations
  • Discovering and prioritizing cryptography vulnerabilities
  • Quantum safe cryptographic algorithms
  • The state of quantum safe standardization at different standards organizations
  • Cryptographic agility as a vehicle for quantum migration
  • Cloud migration as a vehicle for cryptographic agility
  • Building skills in quantum safe cryptography
  • Quantum safe open source activities

Delivery Details

  • The Initial background report is available now: Sample
  • Reports will be published quarterly, including updates on cryptography research.
  • Seminars will take place in alignment with an IBM Q Network quarterly meeting or event.

To subscribe, please contact IBM Research at .


Michael Osborne
Michael Osborne
Manager, Foundational Cryptography and Quantum-safe Cloud & Systems