Quantum computing image

Quantum technology & computing

Developing hardware, theory, algorithms and applications to explore and potentially overcome the limits of classical computation

Atom and Molecule Manipulation image

Atom and Molecule Manipulation

Low-temperature scanning tunneling microscopy and atomic force microscopy

Cryogenic Electronics image

Cryogenic Electronics

Developing electronic nanoscale devices that leverage cryogenic environments

Oscillating Neural Networks image

Oscillating Neural Networks

Performing pattern recognition and solving complex optimization problems with coupled oscillator networks

Chemical computing image

Chemical Computing

Developing solutions to execute computing tasks in complex chemical systems used as information-processing units

Neuromorphic Devices & Systems image

Neuromorphic Devices & Systems

Developing technologies for computing tomorrow’s AI

Flow-chemistry Reactors for Catalysis image

Flow-chemistry Reactors for Catalysis

Silicon microfluidics for combinatorial screening of catalytic reaction pathways for accelerated material discovery and chemical conversion

III–V Material Integration on Silicon image

III–V Material Integration on Silicon

Investigating the semiconductor of choice for the electronics industry

Scanning Single Electron Transistor image

Scanning Single Electron Transistor

Batch producible scanning SET sensors with superior resolution and bandwidth for ultra-sensitive electric field imaging

Binnig and Rohrer Nanotechnology Center

State-of-the-art research facility

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Heike Riel

Heike Riel

Department Head, IBM Fellow