Cantilever technology


At IBM Research – Zurich, we have a long history of developing customized cantilevers for applications in storage, metrology, nanoscale surface analysis, environmental sensing and nanopatterning. Our cantilever technology platform encompasses

  • miniaturized cantilever arrays for conducting probing
  • high-resonant-frequency AFM cantilever for ultra-force-sensitive applications
  • low-cost, all-plastic AFM cantilevers
  • cantilevers with integrated actuator
  • ultrasoft cantilevers used in NMR experiments
  • arrays of cantilever used for chemical sensing.

Addressing some of the applications of the cantilever technology, we have developed a MEMS-based nanopositioning system that includes a subnanometer-resolution thermal positioning sensor and a MEMS-based, 2-axis electromagnetic scanner.

Currently, our research focus in cantilever technology is on thermomechanical cantilevers for probe-based nanopaterning as well as on tip technology such as conducting tips and tips made of high wear-resistant material such as diamond-like carbon.


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