In the precision diagnostics project, we are creating enabling technologies for healthcare and life sciences using multidisciplinary research and a problem-oriented agenda. Our goal is to solve important medical problems while generating massive amounts of high-value data.

Much of the knowledge we have in biology and medicine is derived from the ability to detect analytes from complex biological samples. In addition, precise analysis of biological samples is vital for diagnostics and managing patients. Therefore, new bioanalytical tools are critically needed to push the frontiers of knowledge in life sciences and to improve healthcare.

Over the years, we have gradually shifted from research on self-assembly, soft lithography and microtechnology to issues in biology and medicine where critical technology gaps exist.

Current challenges

  • Microfluidic probe

    Microfluidic probe

    Another challenge is the analysis of tissue sections and cells for pathology and cancer research.

  • Cell research


    Crypto-anchors embed a security code in microfluidic diagnostic devices and “classical” lateral flow tests.


We have a longstanding tradition of being innovative and working with academia and industrial partners in collaborative projects. In addition, our project takes advantage of IBM’s profound expertise in science and technology to realize precise diagnostic prototypes, which can be enhanced by IBM’s activities on cloud computing, analytics, the internet of things, security, and mobile health.

Ask the expert

Emmanuel Delamarche

Emmanuel Delamarche

IBM Research scientist

Opportunities for Master’s students

Our current work on precision diagnostics for mobile health provides outstanding opportunities for Master’s students to work on developing point-of-care diagnostics, smartphone applications and solutions for improving the security of diagnostics and preventing counterfeited medical devices.

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