crypto-anchorsPoint-of-care diagnostics play a major role worldwide in detecting and treating infectious diseases such as Dengue fever and malaria. Although these devices are typically simple to manufacture and easy to use, they are not exempt from counterfeiting. Simple, classical security features such as product numbers and barcodes or QR codes make them easy targets for forgeries sold on the black market. Crypto-anchors address this challenge by embedding a security code in microfluidic diagnostic devices and “classical” lateral flow tests. This code can be used to identify and link products to highly secured digital transactions on the Cloud and using Blockchain.


This project is a collaboration with the “Industry Platforms and Blockchain” project and represents a starting point for developing technologies complementary to the Internet of Things (IoT) and Blockchain solutions, for medical devices and pharmaceutical products, that provide scalable end-to-end security across the supply chain — from the manufacturers, right down to consumers and patients.

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Emmanuel Delamarche

Emmanuel Delamarche

IBM Research scientist