It’s our great pleasure to invite you to join the 8th edition of
the Future of Data Protection & Retention workshop at
the IBM Research – Zurich Lab


This workshop will bring together experienced clients and business partners with the IBM tape and storage research, development and top-management teams to discuss important topics around

  • Data protection
  • Tape
  • Virtual tape

Both mainframe and open systems will be covered.

At this 1.5-day workshop, we will explore the latest storage research topics, discuss technology roadmaps and industry trends, and solicit input and feedback from our clients and partners.

This is a very socializing session that allows for significant interaction, idea sharing and networking!

Lab tour included

You will be able to see “live” the equipment used to make the new world-record demonstration of a tape that can potentially store up to 330 TB in a single cartridge!

ZRL campus

The 2017 Future of Data Protection & Retention workshop will take place on the leafy campus of the IBM Research – Zurich Laboratory
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  • Is this event right for you?

    Is this event right for you?

    Examine and evaluate how IBM’s storage technologies can deepen your skills and understanding of your organization’s critical storage technology needs.
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Enrollment or questions

Please contact the organizers below, indicating your first and last name, email address, company, role and attendee type (IBM, BP or Customer).

  • Mark Lantz

    Mark Lantz

    IBM Principle Research Staff Member
    Tape storage expert


  • Market trends and directions in data retention
    • Latest IBM announcements in this area (TS4300, TS7700, TS1155, LTO, SP plus)
    • Future development areas
  • IBM Research topics around data retention and tape
  • LTO and Enterprise tape, a comprehensive comparison
  • Where tape fits best (Industry focus: Digital video surveillance, genomics, HPC, seismic…)
  • Why tape is crucial for backup (ransomware attacks, tape is last line of defense!)
  • Tape imperative For the Internet of Things: New data streams & workflows
  • Collect feedback through open discussion with clients and business partners

IBM storage solutions to be covered

  • Storage tape and virtual tape (mainframe and open)
  • Tape automation (tape libraries)
  • Storage software (Spectrum Protect/Archive)