Together with the IEEE Circuits and Systems Society and the IEEE Electron Devices Society, IBM Research is hosting the 3rd AI Compute Symposium virtually.

The IBM and IEEE sponsored Symposium will bring together dreamers, thinkers, and innovators in cutting-edge research for a one-day forum to explore AI Compute challenges and future research directions. This symposium is free of charge.

The symposium will have eminent invited speakers as well as a student poster session. Students are encouraged to submit poster abstracts during registration. Top posters will be invited to submit long-form papers to a special issue IEEE journal. A best poster will also be awarded.


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Topics to explore

Cloud / Data Center AI Acceleration
AI at the Edge / AI in IoT
Analog Computing and Emerging Devices for AI
Neuromorphic Architectures

In Memory Computing
AI Algorithms & Applications
Approximate Computing




  • Dr. Mukesh Khare (IBM)
  • Prof. Rob Knight (UCSD)
  • Ms. Pamela Norton (CEO/Founder, Borsetta)


  • Dr. Laurens van der Maaten (Facebook)
  • Prof. Deji Akinwande (University of Texas, Austin)
  • Prof. Jim DiCarlo (MIT)
  • Prof. Laurent Daudet (Paris Diderot University & CTO LightOn)
  • Dr. Jay Gambetta (IBM)
  • Prof. Dhireesha Kudithipudi (University of Texas, San Antonio)



Poster abstracts (2 pages maximum) are invited that address advanced results in AI Compute topics. Authors of the accepted posters will be requested to produce a short video describing the poster.

Abstract submission:  25 Sep 2020
Notification:  2 Oct 2020
Symposium:  21-22 Oct 2020


Watch this space to find out about our 2020 poster session winners!



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Advisory Committee

  • Fernando Guarin (GF)
  • Prof. Hai Li (Duke University)
  • Dr. Amara Amara (IEEE CAS President)
  • Dr. Meyya Meyyappan (NASA and IEEE EDS President)
  • Prof. Yung-Hsiang Lu (Purdue University)
  • Prof. Yong Lian (IEEE CAS Past President)

Poster Session Chairs

  • Krishnan Kailas
  • Xin Zhang

General Chairs

  • Rama Divakaruni
  • Rajiv Joshi

Program Committee

  • Arvind Kumar
  • Matthew M. Ziegler

Publicity Chairs

  • Larry Clevenger
  • Cindy Goldberg

Registration Chair

ThinkLab/Auditorium Event Head

  • Anna Topol

IBM System Support
(IBM Research Europe)

  • Linda Rudin (Zurich, Switzerland)