What’s new in Data & AI Privacy Technologies

On Thursday, 30 September 2021, at 16:00 - 18:00 CET (10:00 – 12:00 EDT), we invite you to an IBM Research virtual event which showcases new data privacy technologies.

As a long-term leader in AI, security and privacy, IBM has built a strong portfolio of research innovations in privacy-preserving Data & AI technologies. This includes a set of new, pre-commercial technologies from IBM Research which are available through early access programs and first-of-a-kind joint research collaborations.

At the event, you will also hear perspectives from partners, who have been piloting privacy-enhancing technologies and you have the opportunity to discuss your questions directly with our industry-leading research team.

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This event is for current and potential IBM clients and partners.



Time Topic Speaker
16:00 CET (10:00 EDT)

Opening and welcome

John Buselli
Business Development Executive, IBM Research
16:05 CET (10:05 EDT)

PrivacyOps: Reframing Data & AI privacy operations

An IBM Research perspective on bringing together Data Science, ML engineering, privacy and security operations – similar to how MLOps solved the integration of Data, AI and DevOps. As regulated industries, data sensitivity and breaches place demand and reputation risk for businesses, the need for PrivacyOps is growing.

Michael Osborne
Manager, Quantum-Safe Cloud & Systems and Foundational Cryptography, IBM Research Europe
16:15 CET (10:15 EDT)

What’s new in Data Privacy Technologies

It is challenging to move your data across borders while ensuring consent and ensuring compliance with all regulations. All this, while maintaining the safeguard of privacy. In this session, we will explore tools that we are building to remove and/or transform sensitive data and optimize them for the model specific analysis – resulting in an anonymized model with higher accuracy. We speak about the different dimensions of governance that need to be taken into account.

Michael Osborne
Manager, Quantum-Safe Cloud & Systems and Foundational Cryptography, IBM Research Europe
16:35 CET (10:35 EDT)

Fireside chat with CaixaBank


Santiago Murillo
Digital Innovation Leader, CaixaBank
16:50 CET (10:50 EDT)


17:00 CET (11:00 EDT)

Securing Data and AI models in zero-trust environments

Fully Homomorphic Encryption (FHE) is a crypto system that allows arbitrary and unbounded computations to be performed on encrypted data. This capability is a paradigm shift in securing data and workloads, basically enabling the outsourcing of computation to untrusted environments facilitating a zero-trust approach while maintaining full utility of the data. FHE now allows for providing absolute security guarantees for protecting data not only at rest and in transit but also in use. Today, IBM Research has FHE offerings that are practical in real life scenarios. Specifically, we have created HELAYERS (aka FHE AI SDK), which is a software stack with python and C++ APIs that boost the performance of algorithms running on FHE data and also allow data scientists and software engineers to seamlessly exploit the power of FHE without any need for cryptographic knowhow.

Ronen Levy
Senior Manager, Cloud Security & Privacy Technologies, IBM Research Haifa
17:20 CET (11:20 EDT)

Fireside chat with Best Buy


Bruce O'Dell
Principal Security Architect, Best Buy
17:35 CET (11:35 EDT)


17:45 CET (11:45 EDT)

How to engage with IBM Research

John Buselli
Business Development Executive, IBM Research