Together with the IEEE Circuits and Systems Society and the IEEE Electron Device Society, IBM Research is hosting the 1st AI Compute Symposium at the IBM T.J. Watson Research Center THINKLab in Yorktown Heights, NY.

The IBM and IEEE sponsored Symposium will bring together dreamers, thinkers, and innovators in cutting-edge research for a one-day forum to explore AI Compute challenges and future research directions. This symposium is free of charge, but is limited to the first 150 registrants.

This event is a follow-on to last year’s inaugural IBM IEEE CAS/EDS Emerging Technology (ET) Symposium.

The symposium will have eminent invited speakers as well as a student poster session. Students are encouraged to submit poster abstracts during registration. A subset of posters will be invited to submit long form papers for a special issue of the IEEE JETCAS journal. A best poster will also be awarded.






Topics to explore

Cloud / Data Center AI Acceleration
AI at the Edge / AI in IoT
Analog Computing and Emerging Devices for AI
Neuromorphic Architectures

In Memory Computing
AI Algorithms & Applications
Approximate Computing







Time Event / Speaker Location
8:00 Registration, coffee & pastries, networking, poster setup Mezzanine / THINKLab
8:30 Welcome
Rajiv Joshi and Rama Divakaruni, IBM
T.J. Watson Auditorium
8:40 Keynote 1
“Research Directions in AI Algorithms and Systems”
Lisa Amini, IBM
T.J. Watson Auditorium
9:25 CASS / EDS announcements
Pamela Abshire, University of Maryland
Eduard Alarcon, UPC BarcelonaTech
Mukta Farooq, IBM
T.J. Watson Auditorium
9:45 Keynote 2
“An ARM Perspective on Hardware Requirements and Challenges for AI”
Rob Aitken, ARM
T.J. Watson Auditorium
10:30 Break / Poster setup T.J. Watson Auditorium / Mezzanine / THINKLab

Session 1: Industry Perspectives
Chair: Mukta Farooq, IBM

10:40 Invited Talk 1
“The Loihi Neuromorphic Research Chip: Applying Lessons from Nature for Today’s Computing Challenges”
Mike Davies, Intel
T.J. Watson Auditorium
11:15 Invited Talk 2
Title TBD
Mukesh Khare, IBM
T.J. Watson Auditorium
11:50 Lunch / Poster viewing Cafeteria / Mezzanine / THINKLab

Session 2: Bio-inspired Computing
Chair: Xin Zhang, IBM

13:15 Invited Talk 3
“BRAINWAY and Nano-Abacus Architecture: Brain-Inspired Cognitive Computing Using Energy Efficient Physical Computational Structures, Algorithms and Architecture Co-Design”
Andreas Andreou, Johns Hopkins University
T.J. Watson Auditorium
13:50 Invited Talk 4
“On Thermodynamics and the Future of Computing“
Todd Hylton, University of California, San Diego
T.J. Watson Auditorium
14:25 Poster session & coffee break Mezzanine / THINKLab

Session 3: Emerging Technologies
Chair: Pamela Abshire, University of Maryland

15:55 Invited Talk 5
“RRAM Fabric for Neuromorphic Computing Applications”
Wei Lu, University of Michigan
T.J. Watson Auditorium
16:30 Invited Talk 6
“AI and the Opportunity for Unconventional Computing Platforms”
Naveen Verma, Princeton University
T.J. Watson Auditorium

Panel discussion: “Artificial Intelligence or Artificial Stupidity: How Smart Will Smart AI Be?”
Organizers: Eduard Alarcon, UPC BarcelonaTech, Arvind Kumar, IBM
Moderator: Arvind Kumar, IBM
Rob Aitken, ARM
Andreas Andreou, Johns Hopkins University
Mike Davies, Intel
Todd Hylton, UCSD
Wei Lu, University of Michigan
Naveen Verma, Princeton University

T.J. Watson Auditorium
18:05 Closing remarks & best poster presentation
Rajiv Joshi, Krishnan Kailas, Xin Zhang, IBM
T.J. Watson Auditorium









Poster abstracts (2 pages) are invited that address advanced results AI Compute topics

Abstract submission: Sep 21, 2018
Notification: Sep 25, 2018
Symposium: Oct 25, 2018











IBM Thomas J Watson Research Center 1101 Kitchawan Rd, Yorktown Heights, NY 10598

Mailing address

  • 1101 Kitchawan Rd, Yorktown Heights, NY 10598
  • The main entrance is on Route 134, near the intersection of Route 134 and the Taconic Parkway

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  • Main operator: (914) 945-3000
  • Receptionist: (914) 945-1614
  • Security: (914) 945-2323
  • THINKLab: (914) 945-3600

Visitor information


Visitors should use parking in the front of the IBM Research building.

IBM employees must park in the rear lot behind the building.

There are no additional parking restrictions this year. Carpooling is encouraged.


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Advisory Committee

  • Pamela Abshire (University of Maryland)
  • Eduard Alarcon (UPC)
  • Pradip Bose
  • Fernando Guarin (GF)
  • Krishnan Kailas
  • M. Na
  • A. Topol

Poster Session Chairs

  • Krishnan Kailas
  • Xin Zhang

General Chairs

  • Rama Divakaruni
  • Rajiv Joshi

Program Committee

  • Arvind Kumar
  • Matthew M. Ziegler

Publicity Chairs

  • Larry Clevenger
  • Cindy Goldberg

ThinkLab/Auditorium Event Head

  • A. Topol

IBM System Support

  • Lilli-Marie Pavka (IBM Research – Zurich)