Distributed computing


Distributed computing research at IBM Research - Zurich is focused on a fundamental element in IBM's overall Smarter Planet strategy. In order to created integrated, interconnected, an intelligent infrastructures, it is necessary to be able to build systems that can interact with a wide range of devices that may be controlling water or energy consumption, monitoring people needing care in hospitals or at home, or controlling systems that produce the raw materials and goods that our society relies on.

To realize this, our Mote Runner project is focused on providing a platform and tools that will allow computer scientists to use state-of-the-art methods to implement systems to monitor and control a wide range of devices, many with very constrained resources and only limited connectivity to the rest of the infrastructure. These systems will be easy to deploy and manage so that this application-specific role can be performed by domain experts without constant support from software specialists.

The IBM Secure Enterprise Desktop solution enables the corporate use of privately owned computers in a secure and convenient manner, making "bring your own" device deployments practically feasible. In order to deploy the IBM Secure Enterprise Desktop properly, the system needs to be supported by a distributed, resilient backend comprising for example authentication and image servers.