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Nature & coding: IBM computational biologist on @GreekGirlsCode Twitter

Greek computational biologist Marianna Rapsomaniki took over the @GreekGirlsCode Twitter account that aims to “inspire girls and young women in Greece to get involved in science and tech”.
She has also been featured in an interview.

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Inside IBM Research
10 May 2021

Greek Girls Code
5 January 2022



International Women’s Day
Encouraging more women in quantum

IBM Research Europe: Four women making strides in IBM Quantum research share their experiences and give their thoughts on how to encourage more women into careers in Quantum computing.

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IBM Perspectives
8 Mar 2021



Women are innovating our pathways out of the pandemic

Dr. Elli Androulaki is a longtime believer in blockchain technology and how it can be used to protect people’s privacy. Along with her colleagues she dreamed up the idea of the Digital Health Pass, which allows people a secure way to show they’ve been vaccinated or tested for COVID-19.

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IBM News Room
11 Feb 2021



From furniture design to quantum computing

Heike Riel, IBM Fellow, Science and Technology head, and IBM Research Europe & Africa Quantum lead, has recently been named a Fellow of the prestigious American Physics Society (APS).

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3 Feb 2021



A sabbatical experience at IBM Research

Dr. Thomas Gervais came to the IBM Research Europe lab in Zurich as a visiting scientist from Montreal. Catching up with him before his departure, Dr. Gervais explains what he accomplished during his sabbatical.

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14 Aug 2020



IBM’s Manuel Le Gallo named “MIT Inventor under 35”

He uses novel computer designs to make AI less power hungry by building technology to enable new kinds of computing architecture that aims to be faster and more energy-efficient but still highly precise.

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MIT Technology Review
Jun 2020



Meet the guy who created the world’s first video game on a quantum computer

James Wootton says with a smile that he “always wanted to be a mad scientist,” so he became an IBM Research quantum physicist.

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4 Jun 2020



International Women’s Day

IBM Research celebrates its female scientists and introduces these five women from the Zurich lab to inspire all women out there wishing to pursue a career in science.

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8 Mar 2020


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