Systems management

Research focus

Systems management is focused on ensuring that the availability, performance, security, and efficiency of an IT infrastructure are in line with the needs of a business. The systems must provide the required services to a business at an affordable cost. The key to achieving these goals is information.

The Systems Management team at IBM Research – Zurich is focused on both developing novel technologies to gather critical information and combining data from multiple sources to provide much higher value information to applications and the people who manage the systems. To exploit our unique sources of information we also develop advanced management applications focused on key issues such as security and compliance, management of legacy systems, and energy efficiency.

Systems Management overview

We also work on one specific systems management application area, intelligent power grids. Traditional electric power grids use historical information as the basis for planning and adapt in real time to current consumption. Smarter grids make use of additional information on power supply and consumption to achieve better planning and management to avoid costly peaks and make efficient use of resources. We focus in particular on the efficient integration of variable supply sources (e.g., solar and wind energy) and planned power consumption (e.g., charging electric vehicles and heating water).

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