Programs for graduate and undergraduate students


To be eligible for a student internship at IBM Research - Zurich, the following requirements must be met:

  • excellent grade-point average
  • creativity
  • strong command of English
  • initiative
  • communication skills
  • commitment
  • distinctive team spirit
  • international orientation

Student internships

We also employ a number of student interns every year for periods of at least three to six months. Talented, highly motivated students will have a chance to put their fresh ideas and energetic drive into action on high-level research projects. If you want to work on innovative technology with industry-leading researchers and have the opportunity to collaborate with other students from around the globe, then we may have a place for you.

In cases where universities allow or even require it, we also host undergraduate students for the duration of their Master's (Diplom) thesis, typically for a period of six months. These students work full-time on a project that fits in with our research objectives. We ensure that this work is acceptable to the university as a suitable undergraduate thesis topic.

Interested candidates with at least an intermediate degree (Vordiplom) are kindly asked to apply in accordance with our application procedure.

Rafik Chaabouni"There are two kinds of people who always want more: those who seek wealth, and those who seek knowledge.”
Rafik Chaabouni

Graduate students

In cases where universities allow their students to pursue a doctorate degree in an industrial research setting, we offer students pre-doctoral positions, typically for a period of three years. Such students work 60% of their time on an IBM project while devoting the rest to background research and to writing their thesis. Their IBM project and the subject of their dissertation are closely related. The doctorate work is supervised jointly by a faculty member and a qualified researcher of IBM Research - Zurich.

Ksenia Wahler“As a doctoral student at IBM Research - Zurich, you are connected to a vast network of people and resources throughout IBM, which is very helpful for succeeding in industry-relevant research.”
Ksenia Wahler

Post-doctoral fellows

We offer various projects to candidates with a PhD/doctorate degree. Such post-doc projects have a typical duration of 18 months.

Andrea Decker“There are fascinating problems in many different areas of science. Trying to solve them in interdisciplinary teams is very exciting and a lot of fun.”
Andrea Decker