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JCOP embedded security software

03.07.2007: Download and Support Change for the JCOP Operating System

JCOP is the leading Java Card component of an extended set of smart card operating system technologies developed by IBM Software Group in association with IBM Research.

After many successful years of smart card innovation by Java Card team in the Zurich Lab and the IBM Smart Card Technology team in Boeblingen, Germany, the support responsibilities have been passed on. The contact information for general enquiries regarding the JCOP Operating System can be found here.

The JavaCard team in Zurich consisted of Michael Osborne, Peter Buhler, Thomas Eirich, Michael Kuyper, Frank Höring, Michael Baentsch, Marcus Oestreicher, Thomas Weigold and Thorsten Kramp (from left to right).

JavaCard team at ZRL

As we pass the baton on, we would like to thank all our customers and partners for their continued interest in our technology. The whole team enjoyed very much working with you.

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