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Significant extension of IBM's Zurich Laboratory completed

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Zurich, Switzerland, 15 June 2000—A handsome new building on the campus of IBM Research - Zurich is a tangible manifestation of the expansion of IBM's activities in Zurich.

Employees celebrated the grand opening of the new building today, together with representatives of the local municipal administration and invited guests from academia as well as selected representatives of IBM. 

This additional space has allowed IBM to leave the rented off-site location and now accommodates all employees of the Zurich lab on the original campus in Rüschlikon. Moreover, the ground floor has been specially equipped to showcase the  "Industry Solutions Lab" (ISL), which brings experts from within IBM Research together with customers from throughout Europe to involve IBM's customers in the development of novel solutions in the field of information technology at an early stage. 

In his opening speech, Laboratory Director Matthias Kaiserswerth praised the construction firm Steiner, which succeeded in erecting the four-storey building within only one year. He went on to thank those involved in various stages of the project, from the management of the global ISL organization, to the former laboratory director, to the local authorities, who contributed to the speedy completion of the project by processing the necessary formalities and granting the building permit without delay. The municipal president Dr. Brigitte Gürtler then spoke of the high regard in which the IBM Research Laboratory is held by the community of Rüschlikon. She then performed the symbolic cutting of the ribbon to officially open the new building.

Jan Gustafsson, head of the Industry Solutions and Services (ISS) at the IBM Zurich Laboratory, then gave guests a tour of the Industry Solutions Lab. This new communication forum and technology showcase has been designed not only to ensure optimal functionality but also with an eye to providing an appropriately attractive atmosphere. In addition to the generously dimensioned conference rooms equipped with the latest in audiovisual facilities, the well-appointed "solutions area" provides 150 square meters of space to accommodate some 20 demo stations at which the newest technologies and applications from with world of IBM Research are on display. A well-equipped kitchen and a lovely dining area are also available to provide a suitable and convenient facility to host ISL guests.

New building

The new $10 million, four-storey building is a harmonious addition to the existing buildings. The lower level contains laboratories and offices of members of the Communication Systems department. Other members of that department are located in the second and third storeys. Sharing the ground floor with the Industry Solutions Lab is the newly established research group formed as part of IBM Global Services. Another part of the Industry Solutions and Services department is the group responsible for maintaining the computing infrastructure of the entire laboratory in addition to its projects to pioneer new solutions in this field. The remainder of the total of approximately 130 offices provided by the new building are occupied by members of the laboratory administration and the patent department.

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