Micro- & nanofabrication


Scaling silicon CMOS transistors has been the main force driving the progress of the microelectronics industry for over four decades. Today, the principal challenges at the nanoscale faced by the semiconductor industry are:

  • power and performance optimization,
  • device fabrication and control of variations at the nanoscale, and
  • integration of a diverse set of materials and devices on the same chip.

To address such challenges, new micro- and nanofabrication technologies are being investigated. In the Science & Technology department of IBM Research - Zurich, we are exploring radical new ways of manufacturing devices to address the fabrication of nanodevices in a flexible and efficient way. We are also developing low-cost patterning techniques that do not require a lithography process. Another central focus area is our work to improve device performance by means of heterogeneous integration of different technologies on the same platform.