Semiconductor nanowires for ultimate
and post-CMOS applications


Researchers at IBM Research - Zurich (ZRL) have set up an agenda for extensive investigation of functional nanostructures for ultimate and post-CMOS devices, focusing in particular on one-dimensional semiconductor nanowires.

Nanowires, measuring typically 2 to 100 nm in diameter, can have significantly different electrical, optical and magnetic properties compared with their “bulk” counterparts. By virtue of their potential one-dimensionality, such nanoscale structures allow a better control of quantum confinement effects, thus enabling new functionalities and device concepts.

Research activities at ZRL address fundamental aspects such as control and optimization of nanowire growth, the study of the charge transport properties and scaling behavior of nanowires and nanowire devices, novel device concepts, modeling and simulations, as well as technological issues such as processing, fabrication, integration and up-scalability.