We are ex­plor­ing nano­scale ther­mal phe­no­me­na for ap­pli­ca­tions in nano­elec­tron­ics and ener­gy con­ver­sion.

—IBM scientist Bernd Gotsmann

Nanoscale thermal phenomena are explored for applications in nanoelectronics and energy conversion. These include conventional and unconventional nanoscale devices, neuromorphic devices, molecular electronics and thermoelectricity.

We aim to explore the engineering and physics of thermal processes at the nanoscale need to be explored in detail to take full advantage of the rich phenomena and to design thermal devices.

The metrology associated with thermal transport at the nanoscale requires sophisticated tools and methods. Our experimental setups benefit from an optimal lab environment inside IBM’s noisefree labs.



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Bernd Gotsmann

Bernd Gotsmann

IBM Research scientist